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Benzocaine Price
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Benzocaine Price

As buyers, we always look for medicines that come from trusted distributors of local anesthetics and other pharmaceutical products. It’s not for being meticulous, but we just want to secure our safety, specifically our health. Based on reviews, Lanzport Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is one of those manufacturing company that provides us the best quality of products that offers pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical raw materials, and local anesthetics.

We may ask, what are the products they are producing, so let us be oriented with this one. Have you ever heard the term “Benzocaine”? Well, some of us might hear the term before, and few may not. Here’s short information introducing benzocaine and its prices.

  1. What is benzocaine?
    • Benzocaine is a local product that helps in treating our cough drops and relieving our pains. This is also used as a numbing medication ( sometimes because of a sudden blocking of the nerve signals in our body ), it helps in reducing our discomfort primarily caused by minor skin irritations, vaginal or rectal irritation, sore throat, sunburn, hemorrhoids, ingrown trenalis, and other minor pain that we are experiencing in our bodies. For topical countries, this is commonly used as skin creams, dry powder for skin ulcers, sore throat lozenges, and teething formulation for young children.

And due to the continuous widespread benzocaine market, we can not only find this medicine in China but also in different neighboring countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, and India, proving how authentic and effective benzocaine is.

  1. Is it affordable??

         The prices of benzocaine depend on its quantity and type. Now the question is this, how affordable or expensive is this?

As costumers who want a guaranteed price for this product, we always doubt ourselves. Questioning ourselves if,” Am I really sure with my decision?” “Will it be worth the payment that I’ll take?” These are just two of the several questions we might have because of overthinking and as intelligent buyers.

While surfing online about benzocaine price, a lot came up. They all depend on the quantity that benzocaine has and even their brand names. To illustrate the gathered data for benzocaine price, refer to the table given below.



1.       Benzocaine E1501 One hundred twelve dollars Sigma Aldrich Five hundred grams Less than or equal to 99 percent (HPLC)
2.       Ethyl 4- amino benzonate 112909 One hundred twelve dollars Sigma Aldrich Five hundred grams 98 percent
3.       Benzocaine B0600000 One hundred ninety dollars Sigma Aldrich Five hundred grams European pharmaciopea  (EP) reference standard
4.       Ethyl-4 Amino benzonate A0271 Eighteen dollars TCI Chemical Twenty fige grams Less than 99.0%  (GCT)
5.       Ethyl-4 Amino benzonate A0271 One hundred ten dollars. TCI Chemical Five hundred grams Less than 99.0%  (GCT)


  1. Additional information

With the continuous data-gathering efforts, the writer of this article tends to add those benzocaine price that might help us.

First, we have benzocaine topical.  Earlier it was mentioned above that benzocaine is used in tropical countries. And here, we have benzocaine topical. Benzocaine topical is for anal itching and such. It has a purity of 20 percent has a price of around $7.24, with a per unit of $1.22 for a supply of 5.95 grams. And if you are worried about the expense as you avail of this, we don’t have to worry anymore. Because benzocaine topical offers us rebates, printable coupons, trial offers, free samples, sand savings cards, we may access the following forms from their website via online registration, answering sets of surveys and questionnaires, and asking for your doctors help.

Next is we have the 40 mesh benzocaine safely pass customers local anesthetic drug is a powder type medicine from Lanzport  Biotechnology Co. Ltd. with a quantity of less than or equal to 1 kilogram and cost for about $20-70. A partial of 40 mesh benzocaine is bigger than 200 mesh.

We also have the 100% Pass UK customs local anesthetic drugs benzocaine. Its quantity is less than or equal to 1 kilogram that has a price range of 35-80 US dollars. Lanzport Biotechnology Co. Ltd has its production capacity of 5000kg per month.

Lastly, we have the benzocaine for pain killers. It’s a white powdered type of product that has three pricing ranges. The price range is as follows: with a quantity of 1kg. , it costs $110; for a quantity of 2-4 kg, its price is about $90; and with a quantity of less than or equal to 5kg. , its price is $60.

Spending on your health is one of the topmost priorities that we must consider. As they say, “health is wealth. “ You want the best for your health, then CHOOSE BENZOCAINE, CHOOSE LANZPORT BIOTECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.



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