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Why Should You Buy Benzocaine Powder at Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd?
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Why Should You Buy Benzocaine Powder at Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd?

Benzocaine powder is a compound that is used in treating several kinds of health issues. It is often work in a cough drop or topical pain reliever. Benzocaine powder is considered as an active ingredient that is being used with different non-prescribed drugs, most notably with the anesthetic liniments. Since people’s lifestyle usually change, drugs with benzocaine powder have been one of the highest demands in the market. It is because people want to get rid of the stress and anxiety they usually experience because of their works and problems.

Pharmaceutical companies out there conduct their research in regards to developing several medicines that might use in treating e anxiety of people. And benzocaine powder is believed to be the most effective pain reliever that every people have when they experience stress. Aside from benzocaine powder, they also suggest that lidocaine, procaine and Phenacetin can also be your stress reliever.

Benzocaine powder-based drugs and other painkillers can be purchased in different medical stores near your area. And its uses are also spreading in several ranges of treatment. And in terms of the pharmaceutical industry, benzocaine power is also popular. Several pharmaceutical companies, such as the Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd manufacture and supply benzocaine powder-based drugs in the form of ointments and gels.

How to Use Benzocaine Powder?

The usage of benzocaine powder will always depend upon its instructions or from the prescription of an expert. But before taking this pain reliever, ensure that you will read the entire medication instruction or guides written on it.

You can absorb too much amount of benzocaine powder if you consume a large amount of it. This is caused by applying it on the large portion of your skin or applying it with a plastic wrap, bandages, or heating to treat your desired area of skin. If your skin was irritated or had been cut, it is more likely need to apply medications compared to a healthy skin.

As much as possible, use a small amount of benzocaine powder and apply it onto your skin area to treat pain. And make sure that you will not use a large amount of it as it may cause some skin irritations, especially to those with sensitive skins. Ensure that you will not cover your applied skin with a plastic wrap or bandage unless your doctor prescribed it.

Precautions in Using Benzocaine Powder

Both the Mayo Clinic and FDA suggested numerous precautions in terms of the usage of medicines with benzocaine powder.

  • Do not ever consider benzocaine powder in treating skin serious problems and skin infections like severe burns.
  • Do not use benzocaine powder while smoking or near an area with an open flame since benzocaine is flammable.
  • Do not use benzocaine powder in treating inflamed, broken, burns, and wounds in your skin.
  • Avoid taking benzocaine powder even if it is in the form of ointment, liquid, or gel.
  • Don’t let benzocaine powder get into your eyes.
  • Do not apply benzocaine powder onto your skin regularly.
  • Do not use products with benzocaine powder if you have experienced methemoglobinemia.
  • Stop your usage of the product and consult to a professional if you have skin irritation, swelling, stinging, burning, and rashes after using the product.

Why Should You Buy Benzocaine Powder at Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd?

Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, and Local anesthetic in China. We are located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. We are the experts in exporting and making pharmaceutical raw materials and anabolic steroid hormone raw powders. Our knowledgeable teams and we did our best to ensure that our products are all in high quality. We offer Benzocaine powder weighing from 250 grams to 25 kilograms that can be purchased from 45 US Dollars to 1150 US Dollars. Aside from that, we also have Phenacetin that weighs from 1 kilogram to 3 kilograms and can be purchased with a cost ranging from 110 US Dollars to 230 US Dollars.

So, why should you choose our company? It is because we have:

Experienced Team

For the past years in the service, our full attentions are only focused on the requirements of our customers. We are always willing to help or clients in promoting their items.

 Quality Promise

Before making our high quality products, we perform a thorough research, process, production, and sales to ensure that our products are safe. And as mentioned above, we are capable of exporting and making pharmaceutical raw materials and anabolic steroid hormone raw powders.

Competitive Pricing

All of our manufactured products can be purchased in both international and domestic markets. Our products are tried and tested by professionals and recommended by our clients. For the higher development of our market, we want to communicate with the other trading companies and manufactory agencies


If you want to have the high quality benzocaine powder products, we, the Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is your best choice. We are always ready to serve you and give you our good quality products in treating your pain. If you want to know further about our products and other services offered, do not hesitate to go directly to our page, here at http://www.onlinebenzocaine.com/.

Your safety is our top priority. Order your benzocaine powder products in your trusted and reliable Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


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