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Buy Phenacetin Powder Online
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Buy Phenacetin Powder Online


Suffering from pain and fever isn’t great. Having pain and fever can weaken an immune system making the body prone to more diseases. It will also result in reduced productivity of an individual that can negatively affect the career, life, and daily tasks. Settling for cheap and disappointing medications or pain-relievers does not guarantee a full recovery. Fortunately, a medication that had been proven effective as a pain-reliever and fever-reducing drug are formulated. This is the Phenacetin powder. Have you heard about this one?
Defining Phenacetin Powder
Also called as the acetophenetidin is a fever-reducing drug and pain-reliever that was used globally between 1887 to 1983 after the US Food and Drug Administration had banned it.
This kind of drug was first introduced to Elberfeld Germany in 1887 by a German company named Bayer. It was mostly used as an analgesic, which is one of the new synthetic reducers of fever made available to the market. This kind of substance was used for treating and reducing fever and considered as a non-opioid analgesic without any anti-inflammatory properties. During the world war, this powder was imported by Britain from Germany.
Uses of Phenacetin Powder
Phenacetin powder is mainly used as a medication for fever and as a pain-reliever. The active properties inside of this substance helps in reducing fever, as well as the pain both for humans and veterinary. Since ancient times, this substance was used widely as a therapy and an analgesic mixture. However, after being implicated with kidney diseases, this substance reduced its usage and involvement with medicinal purposes. Also, this is used as a mixture for hair bleaches as it stabilizes the hydrogen peroxide.
Behind the banning of this substance during the 1980s, researches and studies were conducted bringing this substance’s use and benefit to back again. A lot of research companies have been conducting further researches about this substance to discover and elevate the use of it for more benefits. One of the well-known companies that supply this kind of substance globally is the Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd. This company has been manufacturing this substance for years of their experience.
Lanzport Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Our team- Lanzport Biotechnology had been a producer that examines the powder and other medical products for further uses and benefits, especially in the medical field. We had been a well-known manufacturer of varying pharmaceuticals and anabolic steroid hormone raw powders that plays a big part in the field of medicine across the world. Our products are globally delivered, which are high-quality and reliable to be used. If you want to Phenacetin powder online , we are the best choice !
Lanzport Biotechnology is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. It supplies the whole of our country with local anesthetics, chemical raw materials, and other intermediates of pharmaceutical. Our company has a lot of determination and dedication to ease the life of our customers by providing them with an easier a d effective one.
Our team had been building our reputation in the world market with our high-quality products and services. We have been one of the most trustworthy manufacturers and distributors of different medical products across the world.
Also, our team had invested brain and large funds to support our R&D department to conduct exceptional ad effective researches regarding biochemical pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and intermediates to meet the global market demand.
Why Choose Lanzport Biotechnology?
High-Quality Instruments are used
To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products, we make sure that our instruments used are high-quality. This way, we can fulfill the expectations and needs of our valued customers regarding their medical needs. We use instruments that are built with excellence and undergo tests to check its effectiveness and capabilities to support our manufacturing of products.
Quality Guaranteed
Our team is composed of brilliant and well-experienced people who aim to produce only quality products to reach the satisfaction of our customers. We make sure that the manufactured products are guaranteed with quality through tests and further studies. Our team aims to elevate the quality, not just the health aspect but also the whole lives of our customers.
Competitive Price
Our products can reach the global market and demand. Given this, we make sure that our products have a competitive price to enable every customer to acquire our products. Along with other competitors in our field, our products are guaranteed affordable for the customers. Also, our company is looking forward to extending our influence through trading and manufactory.
Well-Experienced Team
Our team is composed of professionals who have enough experience, skill, and knowledge about the field of our manufactured products. Over the years, our company focuses on the satisfaction of our customers by giving our best shot in manufacturing our products. Our company ensures that every customer will have an effective and beneficial product they can use on their varying purposes, particularly in their medications.
Not just Phenacetin powder but also other substances such as Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Paracetamol, Procaine, and other pharmaceutical products are available in Lanzport Biotechnology. The company provides these kinds of substances for it all has benefits and help to the medications and treatment of varying diseases. Studies and experimentation are also conducted by the company to discover more usage and potential abilities of the substances further to make a better life for the people diagnosed with diseases.
So if you are having any fever or pain sufferings, phenacetin powder is a must-try drug to take it all away. Just remember to keep this substance out of reach of the children to avoid dangers.

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