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Phenacetin Powder For Sale
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Phenacetin Powder For Sale

Lanzport Biotechnology offer a wide range of quantity selection for PREMIUM UNMIXED Phenacetin Powder. It is known fully as an antipyretic analgesic used for treating fever in the form of flu capsules, as pain relievers, to cure neuralgia, used as a stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide in hair bleachers, pharmaceutic products with therapeutic claims approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Also known as Phenacetinum, a white crystalline powder, odorless and has a slightly bitter taste. The powder itself doesn’t dissolve in water easily (1 gram dissolves in 1.31 L cold water) but is slightly soluble in boiling water (1g: 82 mL) and ether (90 mL) and is very soluble in pyrimidine. Ethanol and chloroform are solutes for this pharmaceutical raw material. It does also dissolve in concentrated sulfuric acid and produces an unclear color while dissolving in nitric acid, results in an orange-yellow color.

Phenacetin is a synthetic white crystalline solid and is categorized as an antipyretic and analgesic drug used to treat fever, headache, neuralgia, vet medication, etc. It is also classified as acetamides and an aromatic ether. Thus, its role is a non-narcotic analgesic, a constraint of a cyclooxygenase 3, and a secondary nervous system drug.

Phenacetin powder molecular formula C10H13NO2 with a molecular weight of 179.22 g/mol was also identified as listed:

  • CAS 62-44-2
  • N-(4-ethoxyphenyl) acetamide
  • CCOC1=CC=C(C=C1)NC(=O)C
  • EINECS 200-533-0
  • DTXSID1021116
  • NSC NUMBER 757401

We offer The Best Fever-Reducing and Pain-Relieving Drug, Phenacetin, that comes in a foil bag packed and kept safely for shipping and a wide range of payment methods such as PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin. Our partner express couriers, UPS, Yodel, DPD, and Royal Mail, ensure 100% safe and fast delivery of the product within 3-7 days from China to UK, US, NL, Portugal, Spain, France, Canada, and many more. In cooperation with our partner transporters, we promise to reach you wherever possible and supply our best product in excellent condition and fast transaction. Phenacetin is available in 1 kg for 95GBP, 2 kg for 170GBP, 3 kg for 215GBP, 5 kg for 320GBP, 6 kg for 370GBP, 10 kg for 600GBP, 20 kg for 860GBP, 25 kg for 1050GBP and so on with very negotiable price and all payments are available in PayPal

We guarantee safe and quick delivery of the product with our trusted domestic and international couriers, and 100% custom pass guaranteed is our primary goal. Our company is a supplier of high-quality products with expertise in manufacturing in addition to providing pharmaceutical raw materials, anabolic steroid hormone raw powders, and is highly recommended by clients. We are also certified exporters and importers of premium pharmaceutical raw materials like Phenacetin Powder for sale with competitive prices. A company approved by SGS and ISO9001 – certified. To furthermore expand our market, we connect with manufacturing and trading firms across the globe to offer and promote our product with not just word of mouth but including the efficiency and quality of the services we are offering.

The production management caters to all kinds of transactions and is widely centralized and integrated. With the untiring effort of our team, we pursue to render a quality and excellent brand and emphasize the spirit of the company on “Concept direct the ideas, ideas lead innovation, quality promulgates brand, efficiency elevates speed, science generates perfection.” Also, we adhere to the management theory of enterprise “Customer first, integrity-based” through our world-class products as well as top quality services to exceed the demand of the market.

Over the years, we focus on customer’s requirements and aim to exceed the market demand and continue to improve in order to promote the client’s product and sustain good relationships between the company and the consumers. Promising a high standard of products and services, Lanzport Biotechnology pursues to invest brains and funds. The goal is to achieve and continue to innovate to reach the top and be the best anabolic steroid hormone raw powders and pharmaceutical raw materials supplier internationally and expand the enterprise as we go on and link up with other suppliers, trading, and manufacturing companies across the world.

In the expedition to provide quality products and technology, we, Lanzport Biotechnology, aims the pursuit of being the leading supplier and manufacturer of the best pharmaceutical raw substances, Chemical raw materials, and Pharmaceutical Intermediates in China and Internationally. We invested large funds and intelligence into Research and Development to cope with the demands of the market. To analyze and have the best control of the products, our company has a complete quality assurance and quality control system that have instantaneous and high-efficiency performance, such as GC, UV, and HPLC spectrophotometer.

High quality Phenacetin Powder for sale many years, our company exports top quality pharmaceutical raw materials with best price and fast delivery. The majority of these reach as far as the global standard, observing the EP, BP, FCC, as well as the USP requirements. We take pride that our research team was equipped with advanced apparatuses and a respectable scientific atmosphere to ensure a high graded, consistent, and reliable product at all times.


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